Un-doi Centru de plăți app

Utility bills. Insurance. Vignettes. One app.

  • Pay all your utility bills
  • Top up your SIM card for any operator
  • Buy insurance
  • Buy vignettes
  • Top-up your gaming or TV account

Simply & quickly, all in one place.

From this moment, you won’t have to download different applications for different services, or to log-in individually to pay your bills on the websites of your suppliers.

un-doi Centru de plăți is the only application you need, which brings over 150 suppliers in one place.


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All your bills, one place

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water & sewerage
  • Mobile phone services
  • Television
  • Internet
  • Sanitation

You can pay them all, either automatically or manually. You gain time and you can enjoy centralised access to all the important information: issued bills, maturity dates, payment history and more.


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No more worries

From this point, you won’t have to follow payment deadlines for each service you subscribe to. In the un-doi Centru de plăți app, you receive notifications about the expiry date of your vignette, insurance and the maturity date of your bills.

You won’t have to worry about payment deadlines and late payment charges.

Trust us with your deadlines, sums and calculations.


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More consumption locations?

Absolutely no problem!

You can add in the app as many locations as you wish. Choose a name and an icon which defines the location, choose your suppliers and you’re ready! From now on, you can manage them much easier than before.

Whether you would like to pay your bills at home, at work, at your holiday home, your parents’ home or kids – with un-doi Centru de plăți you can manage all easily.


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All in a simple & intuitive app

Don’t waste your time figuring out payments for various supplier accounts individually. Forget your worries about renewing your insurance or vignettes.

Download the un-doi Centru de plăți app.

Save precious time and enjoy what is most important to you.


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