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Utility bills

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You can pay all your electricity, gas, water, TV, phone, internet and sanitation bills with no commission in all the partner stores across Romania or in the un-doi Centru de plăți app.

We take a great pride in over 150 utility bill suppliers to whom you can pay your bills, from the biggest electricity supplier companies to the smallest local water suppliers across Romania. We have direct partnerships with all our suppliers to offer our clients a quick and safe solution to pay all their bills in one place.

Also, you can pay your block management fees through the un-doi Centru de plăți app if your blocks of flats management platform is e-Bloc. In addition, you can pay your bank rates and car insurance through the un-doi Centru de plăți app. Also, if you’re an Avon & Oriflame sales representative you can submit your payment for the sold objects.


  • Electricity

  • Residents

  • Sanitation

  • Water

  • TV, internet & television

  • Gas

  • Direct sales

Cash payment in partner stores

In over 10.000 partner stores across 2.600 cities in Romania you can pay your utility bills in your favourite small store next to your home:

  •   You receive your bill with a barcode or client code with which you can carry out your payment
  •   The barcode is scanned in our partner stores and your information is transferred automatically through our POS and is registered on our central servers , followed by printing the invoice
  •   We transfer the transaction data to the issuer of the invoice and the countervalue of the charged sums are transferred
  •   The payment is registered in the account of the supplier to which you paid your utility bill, in no more than 2 working days after carrying out the payment

Payment with the credit card through the mobile app

Through the un-doi Centru de plăți mobile app you can pay all your utility bills with the card, directly from your phone, quickly and safely. In addition, with the un-doi Centru de plăți app you’re informed instantly when a new bill is issued by the utility supplier. Also, if you have more houses or apartments, you can manage all of their bills.

You can pay multiple bills at once, and after finalizing a payment you will receive through email individual invoices for each payment. The payments are registered to the issuing supplier latest in 2 working days after carrying out the payment.

In addition, the app has a payment history so you can always reach relevant information related to your past payments and manage your budget efficiently.


Download the un-doi Centru de plăți app


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