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Drivers Licence & registration tax

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Through the un-doi Centru de plăți app you can pay your drivers licence, registration certificate or provisional authorization taxes. Starting from October 2020, these taxes cannot be paid at the counter, though you can pay them quickly through the un-doi Centru de plăți mobile app or the partner stores.

Drivers licence tax

To obtain the drivers licence in Romania, for any vehicle category, one would have to pay the drivers licence tax and to attach the invoice to their personal folder. The tax of 89 lei has to be paid before taking the theoretic exam.

Registration certificate tax

The matriculation certificate is the document which proves the ownership of an individual over a vehicle. To matriculate a vehicle in Romania one needs to draw up a folder with all the essential documents, also containing the payment of the Registration certificate tax. The value of this tax is 49 lei.

Provisional authorisation tax

The provisional authorisation is issued along red numbers for a period of maximum 90 days, or fewer days which accumulated cannot surpass 90 days. The value of this tax is 13 lei.

The drivers licence, registration certificate and provisional authorisation taxes are offered in collaboration with:

The payment proof of these taxes will contain:

· Name and Family name of the beneficiary;
· Name and Family name of the beneficiary;
· Personal numerical code;
· IBAN number;
· the fiscal code of the Prefect’s Institution;
· the sum and type of document for which the payment was carried out.

Taxes & fees – 5th Sector Bucharest

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Partner stores

How would it be to pay all your taxes in your favourite store next door? In this way, you get rid of queues and win precious time for yourself. It’s possible!

The taxes and fees service is already available in the un-doi Centru de plăți partner stores. At this moment you can only pay taxes and fees for the 5th Sector in Bucharest, but more cities will follow.


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