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RCA is the car insurance which is mandatory for each vehicle in Romania operating on public roads. The scope of the RCA insurance is to cover the damage cost of an accident carried out to the car of the innocent party.

RCA validity

The insurance is valid in Romania, in the countries part of the European Union, countries part of the European Economic Area and in the countries based between two countries part of the European Union . In the moment of purchasing insurance, each insurer is obliged to announce the states in which the insurance is valid – this information is available in the un-doi Centru de plăți app.

The insurance covers:
· Material damage: accidents carried out to other vehicles, the damage of goods and other costs agreed by the RCA law;
· Bodily harm and death;

Before purchasing insurance, we recommend you to study with utmost attention the damages covered by each insurer.
The value of purchased RCA insurance is largely dependent on: the driver’s age, the car’s type and brand & cylinders. Some insurers also take into account the county or the town in which the driver lives, taking into consideration counties with high rates of accidents.

Direct settlement: an optional clause which can be added

Direct settlement is the auxiliary service of damage management by the RCA insurer for their own clients, which are offered in a compulsory manner by the insurer, and its purchase is optional.

As a result, in the case of purchasing the service of direct settlement, if the accident happens in Romania, the vehicles involved in the accident are registered in Romania, and the prejudices are produced exclusively to the vehicles and both vehicles own a valid RCA insurance, then the prejudiced person can open and manage the damage file through their own insurer.


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