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In the partner stores and in the un-doi Centru de plăți app, you have the chance to purchase vignettes for Romanian highways for all types of vehicles, quickly and simply.

In addition, we introduced the option to purchase vignettes for Hungarian highways, in our partner stores and in our app. In Hungary, the vignettes are compulsory for using their highways. When you’re about to travel to Hungary, you can prepare in time by buying your necessary vignette, by buying it in one of our partner stores or in our app, safely & securely.

Romanian vignettes

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The Romanian vignette or road tax, is a tax paid by drivers to have the right to drive on national roads outside of towns and cities. The vignette has to be paid by any vehicle type crossing on national roadways, regardless whether it is registered in Romania or in another country, and regardless whether the driver’s residence is based in Romania or abroad.

This means that everytime you leave your town by car, you need to own a valid vignette for the vehicle you use. By vehicle we mean any registered road vehicle, with at least 2 axes.

The sum to be paid for the vignette is calculated based on the vehicle type. When you pay the vignette, you can choose between: 1 day, 7, 30, 90 days or 12 months.


Vignette Hungary

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un-doi Centru de plăți app

E-Matrica – it’s a fee paid by the driver in order to have the rights to use the Hungarian highways. It is important to know that the purchase must be done at least with 60 minutes before entering the highway or even earlier. The sum to be paid for the vignette is calculated based on the vehicle type and the period of validity.

Vehicle categories

D1M – Motorcycles

D1 Motorcycles/automobiles designed for the carriage of no more than 7 persons and with a maximum permissible gross weight of 3.5 tons and their trailers

D2  – All the vehicles that do not rank under other categories

B2  – Buses

– Trailers of the vehicles in categories D2 and B2


E-Matrica – validity periods available depending on the type of vehicle

The validity of the vignette can be checked at any time, on any route, without stopping the vehicle. Keep the receipt (or if you buy online, keep the e-mail containing the ID number of the vignette) during the validity period and within 2 years from the expiration.
Free use of e-Matrica on highways
If, when checking the vehicle, the driver does not have a valid vignette, he will be obliged to pay a surcharge, according to the category in which the vehicle is included.

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Bridge tax
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Partner stores

The tax to cross (once, in one direction) the Fetești Cernavodă bridge has to be paid by the driver before 24:00 hr of the next day of crossing. An unused paid bridge tax for 12 months loses its validity. Similarly to vignettes a bridge tax price depends on the type of the vehicle.
The payment process of a vignette or bridge tax is super simple. You just have to visit the closest un-doi partner store and follow the steps below:

Tell the store personnel:
– the registration number of the vehicle as it is written the the registration certificate;
– the identification number of the vehicle (the chassis serie number)
– the vehicle type

After providing the data above, the store personnel will issue a document called “Partner copy”, to verify the correctness of data written in the certificate, with a signature.
In the case you notice that your information is wrongly written, return to the personnel the signed copy and ask to issue a new document based on the corrected information.
In this situation, the store personnel is obliged to issue a new “partner copy” document.
In the case where the written data in “partner copy” are correct, you have to sign the document, then the personnel will hand you a copy of the “client copy” of the vignette or bridge tax, document which proves your payment.

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