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Money transfer

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Partner stores

In the un-doi Centru de plăți partner stores you can receive or send money through Western Union. Our purpose is to offer our clients an efficient solution to carry out all their essential services in one place. In this way, you can pay all your utility bills, top up your SIM card, buy insurance or receive and send money through Western Union. All these services in your favourite store next door.

Whether you would like to send money to your friends located in other cities across the country or receive money from your family abroad, through the money transfer service from Western Union, you can do this quickly and safely.

Millions of individuals transfer money annually through Western Union, because:

· It is at their ease to go to the store next door signalled with the un-doi Centru de plăți sign and have your ID on hand. The store personnel will help you complete your document of transfer
· It has global coverage, Western Union locations are located in over 200 countries worldwide
· The transfers are protected against theft and fraud – by the daily effort of our team of experts, monitoring the security and encrypting of transferred information daily
· You have the possibility to see online the status of your transfer using the transaction’s MTCN, a unique identification number of the transaction generated at the moment of initiating the transfer

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